Hiking Stick- Walking Stick- Made from Reclaimed 100 Year Old Kentucky Tobacco Sticks- Handmade Hiking Stick- Reclaimed White Oak- Outdoors


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Get out and EXPLORE with our handmade hiking sticks/ walking sticks made from 100+ year old reclaimed Kentucky tobacco sticks! These sticks were cut on the sawmill over a century ago and used in agricultural production. Each stick was capable of holding 4-5 green (wet) tobacco sticks as they were hung to dry in the barn rafters. They are made from White Oak, which is known for its strength and durability. Every stick was handmade by yours truly and has been been surfaced on two sides (planed flat), sanded smooth (yet enough character left intact to see its patina) and finished in multiple coats of a Zero VOC film finish to protect against moisture and scratches during your journey. Each walking sticks is fitted with a color coordinated leather wrist strap that can be adjusted to your liking. These sticks average 48" x 1" x 1/2". Yes, they are rectangular in shape. Don't let the unique shape fool you, it's the ideal dimension for grip and most people use them with their thumb rested on the top (as shown in photo). They are lightweight, yet strong! Offered in three colors: Natural Gold, Barn Dust Gray, or Cured Dark Brown. Follow the paths of your elders or cut a new trail with your own handmade walking stick enriched with agricultural history!

*No rubber feet or boots are included with our walking sticks. The nicks and dings you collect on the bottom of the stick tell the story of your journey. Make it a good one!
Color: Natural Gold

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