Giant Live Edge Coffee Table- Tree Slice- Reclaimed- Wood- Natural Edges- Organic- Nature- Furniture- Unique- Modern- Rustic- Industrial

This live edge coffee table is made from a giant slab of reclaimed Elm. It came from a massive 70-80 year old tree that had to come down due to safety concerns. Instead of disposing of the massive tree, it was cross-cut to produce this amazing tree slice/cookie/round and transformed into a beautiful coffee table. The organic shape has been compared by shop visitors as; a starfish, cloud, aerial-view of a lake, etc. Art and nature are both subjective and the beauty is within the eyes of the beholder. The tabletop features wide and narrow growth rings, black-line spalting and the most interesting curvatures along the edges. The wood has been air dried for over 5 years, solar kiln cured, planed flat on both sides, sanded smooth and finished in a satin oil based poly. The finish provides a durable surface to protect against moisture and daily living room shenanigans. The coffee tabletop has been paired with 3 raw steel hairpin legs. The legs have been clear coated for protection. These legs were selected because they are strong, transitional and keep the focus on the natural tabletop. Together, it's a perfect match of modern, rustic, industrial & mid-century design. It would work well in any interior setting, granted you have sufficient space to house this large coffee table. The finished piece measures maximum 48" L x 38" W x 18 H . The tabletop itself is a solid 2 1/2" thick. This piece does feature minor drying checks (cracks), but they are extremely minimal (especially when considering the size of the slab/ tabletop). Feel free to send any questions you may have or request more photographs!

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