Hardwood Mantel- Solid Wood- Thick Mantel Shelf- Cherry- Heartwood- Rustic Mantel- Rustic Shelf- Natural Wood Mantel- Fireplace Mantel- Big

This is a solid hardwood mantel (not a hollow box with a thin- wooden sheath).....SOLID! It is made from a large cut of figured cherry (heartwood). This would be a fantastic fireplace mantel or thick shelf! Would work well in a rustic setting, but just as well in a more contemporary space by bringing a bit of nature into the dwelling. The figuring, unusual grain patterns and different colors found on this piece are amazing. Tan, bronze, dark brown, cream and hits of amber are all found on this thick piece of natural wood. The mantel features natural drying checks and voids, but has been planed flat on all four sides, sanded smooth and finished in an oil and wax combo. This listing does not include any mounting hardware. There are 1 million different ways to attach this piece to your wall and it's best done on site either by you or a local contractor. I'd be happy to provide the buyer with a couple of best methods for mounting. The finished piece is roughly 45 1/8" l x 5 3/8" x 5 3/8".

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