Cube- Side Table- End Table- Stool- Stump- Plant Stand- Log- Furniture- Home- Modern- Rustic- Solid Wood- Eastern Red Cedar- Cream- Brown

This cube-shaped Eastern Red Cedar log/ tree stump can be used as a side table, end table, stool, plant stand, night stand, etc. It's a gorgeous piece of furniture for your home or office! No matter if you stack your magazines on it, use it to hold your daily java fix, place your favorite plant on it, use it as a stool/ seating, or place your phone on it at night, it's shape and vibrant colors are sure to bring a smile to your face. This cube was a recycled portion of a log (the remainder of the log was used to cut circular "cookie cuts"). I pondered how to use this large chunk of solid wood for many years and finally decided to mill it square/ rectangular and create a multi-use piece out of it. The cube features contrasting red, brown, purple and cream colors and some amazing figuring. The top portion resembles tortoiseshell or burl wood with it's reversed grain patterns, unusual shapes and floral like growth rings. These unique qualities occurred through mineralization, while the tree was growing. The corners and edges have been hand-shaped and rounded over. The top and sides are perfectly flat and smooth. The wood has been finished in numerous coats of a hand-rubbed, satin/matte sheen proprietary film finish. It was a lot of extra work to evenly apply finish to all sides of this cube, but when you put love, thought and effort into your work, it's all worth it in the end. The film finish applied will provide protection against scratches and moisture. It's a natural wood product and contains all things organic that pertain to wood; drying checks, knot holes, bark remnants, etc. This piece measures: 12" x 11 3/4" x 14" H.  It will ship with felt pads to place beneath it in your home/ office. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to convo me! Thanks!

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