Sofa Tables . Side Tables

Sofa Table- Black- Purple- White- Foyer Table- Side Table- Live Edge- Mahogany- Art- Modern- Contemporary- Pop Art- Cool- Furniture- Console


Purple Rain- Not too many are daring enough to obscure the natural beauty of Mahogany. Why not? This functional piece of art can be used as a sofa table, hallway table, foyer table, console table, end table, etc. It was made from a live edge slab of Mahogany. The wood was kiln-dried, planed flat, sanded smooth and then hit with multiple layered rounds of white, black and purple tinting. The piece was then finished in multiple coats of a satin film finish to protect the wooden surface. It has a hip, contemporary, modern and fun vibe to it. The top was paired with four raw steel hairpin legs. The legs have been clear coated for protection. It's a functional piece of art that not only looks cool, but is usable as well. A definite 1 of 1 piece that will bring a pop of life into your home! Measures 41 1/4" l x 14.5" W x 30 1/4" h. The top itself is a solid 2 1/8" thick. Ready to ship!

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