All Natural Butcher Block Cream- Cutting Board Cream- Food Safe Wood Conditioner- For Wooden Utensils- Butcher Block Oil- Cutting Board Oil


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'Smooth' Cutting Board & Butcher Block Wood Conditioner was created years ago by me; a woodworker sensitive to smells, leery of the products mass produced as "food safe," and knowledgeable about wood care and maintenance. This product is a MUST HAVE for wooden utensils, cutting boards, salad bowls, butcher blocks, serving boards, children's toys or any wooden items (lacking a film finish) that come into contact with foods or mouths. A simple wipe-on/ wipe-off application will make the wood grains and colors pop, quench dry wood, zap bacteria (by suffocating them and allowing natural wood tannins to activate) and leave a subtle, yet lustrous glow to your wooden products. Sold in small batch 4 oz jars. See it in action for yourself! Purchasing a cutting board, charcuterie board, chopping block or serving board from Kentucky LiveEdge also provides you the option to add a single 4 oz jar to your purchase at a discount. However, if you just need to get a wooden item you already have looking and feeling good, we're here for you! Remember, a small amount goes a LONG way! Easy use and care instructions are included with every purchase. Try a bit of this amazing wood care product today! You & the wood are going to love it!

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