All Natural Wood Cleaner & Polisher- Furniture Polish- Wood Conditioner- Organic- Handmade Wood Care Product- Chemical Free Cleaner

After years of working with wood and seeking the best products to clean, condition and polish wooden surfaces, I was not happy with anything found on the market. Some worked, but had a strong chemical aroma or left residue on the furniture that I wouldn't want to touch or ingest. Other products left a goopy slurry on the surface and didn't leave a natural glow like I was seeking. Therefore, I created 'shine.'. 'shine.' is made up of all natural ingredients including local filtered beeswax and a few (food safe) proprietary oils. The results are a finger-print removing, edible, wood-conditioning, furniture polishing jar of what I believe to be the best product on the market. It is packaged in 4 oz amber PET jars to preserve the essential oils from being broken down by UV rays. 'shine.' is easy to apply, does not require cleaning gloves or washing your hands after using and leaves your wooden furniture looking better than the first day purchased. It has a slight aroma that I've been told is similar to, "lemon bars," or "cookies." Who doesn't like the smell of lemon bars or cookies? It is made from the best things on earth and a little tad goes a LONG way in making your furniture shine. Care and use instructions will be provided upon purchase. Try'll LOVE it! Free shipping!

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