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These swings are made from authentic reclaimed Kentucky Bourbon Barrels and offer tons of fun, excitement and relaxation! You're never too old to feel the wind breezing across your face as you glide through the air! Each swing is composed of three White Oak bourbon barrel staves for the seat and two 5' 6" strands of 5/8" black MFP solid braid rope knotted to dual stainless steel thimbles. The excess charring on the seating area has been removed, sanded smooth with rounded edges and wiped down with alcohol. The high quality rope is soft, flexible, smooth, rot and mildew resistant, cauterized at the ends and has a breaking strength of 2,645 lbs each. The stainless steel thimbles are heavy duty, will not rust and allow your rope, straps, or hanging cordage to operate smoothly without friction. To put it shortly, the materials put into each swing are overboard in durability and human weight capacities. They're suitable for children, but ready to handle the largest of adults. Your swing can be used as a tree swing (attached to a limb), as a porch swing, garden swing, backyard swing, etc. Being that everyone's desired height for hanging and cordage length is different, the cordage (rope/straps) for hanging to a limb, porch, rafter, beam, etc are NOT INCLUDED! You can either purchase rope or tree swing strap kits online to hang your swing to your desired height from your desired attachment point. While traditional rope is fine, we highly recommend purchasing a tree swing kit. The kits are inexpensive and include straps, tree protectors and carabiners that lock onto the provided thimbles. Instructions will be included with purchase, but feel free to shoot us a message should you have any questions regarding use of your swing. Be sure to view the last two photographs to see everything included with purchase and read the below for a brief history on how these swings came about.

The Bluegrass State is known as the Bourbon Capital of the World. A short trip in any direction from my shop or home will eventually land you at one of our renown bourbon distilleries. The distilling process to create bourbon requires the corn whiskey (min 51% corn) to be aged in charred White Oak barrels. The barrels are then stored and aged in rickhouses/ rackhouses for several years. Once the spirits have aged to the distillers liking, the used barrels are no longer allowed to be used for bourbon production again. As a result, the used bourbon barrels and their components are a readily available resource to Kentuckians. After years of seeing stacks of deconstructed barrels in a good friends barn, I decided to work with the barrel heads one day in an attempt to transform them into something functional. Here we are! Although I'm in my 40's and over 6' tall, I'm just a big kid that likes to have fun! Hopefully, children and BIG kids of all ages share my passion. Just-a-swinging!

Swings measure approximately 35" x 8"

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