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These artisanal Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Smoker Chunks (large smoker chips) are not only a neat piece of regional history, but they're sure to upgrade your grilling, smoker, BBQ or gift giving game! Each reclaimed smoker chunk has been hand selected from individual barrel staves and hand- cut by yours truly. The staves are gently cleaned with fresh water to remove excess charring. These amazing little chunks are infused with the Devil's Share/ Devil's Cut (trace amounts of bourbon that have saturated and locked into the wood pores). When cutting, moistening, burning, or even smelling the seasoned chunks, the aromatics are intoxicating (pun intended)! The amazing fragrances of vanilla, caramel, tobacco, honey, apple, pear, pepper and cinnamon will surely compliment anything that sizzles! Our Bourbon Barrel Smoker Chunks are available in 2 lb, 4 lb or 8 lb sizes. The 2 lb contains around 15 chunks (good for around 5-8 BBQ's), the 4 lb contains around 30 chunks (good for around 10-15 BBQ's) and the 8 lb (created out of demand from repeat customers wanting more) contains around 60 chunks (good for around 20-30 BBQ's). Each bag contains random chunk sizes that vary between 1" x 2" up to 2" x 3" (depending on size of cut staves). Most of our customers choose to use only 1-3 chunks per cooking session. Your purchase will come packaged in tied burlap bags (as shown) to allow the chunks to breath. Remember, this is seasoned wood. The Devil's Share/ Devil's Cut is locked into the wood pores and will only come out when it's time to cook! While the majority of our customers use these in smokers or charcoal grills, they can also be used in gas grills, slow cookers, etc., using foil with holes in it or a smoker chimney. We personally do not pre-soak the chunks prior to using, as they burn for an hour or so each and wetting them only causes smoldering. However, if you want to soak them in fruit juice or water prior to using...go for it! Barbecuing, smoking and cooking in general is all about finding out what you like best and having fun! So, purchase a bag for yourself and another as a gift for a friend! It's time to eat! The Bluegrass State is known as the Bourbon Capital of the World. A short trip in any direction from my shop or home will eventually land you at one of our renown bourbon distilleries. The distilling process to create bourbon requires the corn whiskey (min 51% corn) to be aged in charred White Oak barrels. The barrels are then stored and aged in rickhouses/ rackhouses for several years. Once the spirits have aged to the distillers liking, the used barrels are no longer allowed to be used for bourbon production again. As a result, the used bourbon barrels and their components are a readily available resource to Kentuckians. After years of seeing stacks of deconstructed barrels in a good friends barn, I decided to work with the staves one day in an attempt to transform them into something useful. Here we are! *Ships same day or next day of purchase with tracking via USPS!* **These are chunks and NOT pellets***
Size: 2lb

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