Cheese Board- Burl- Foodsafe- Natural Wood- Platter- Tray- Chef- Kitchen- Hostess- Serving Board- Bread Board- Tapas- Charcuterie- Exotic

Each one of my serving boards are created from sustainable live edge hardwood slabs and created out of either stock too thin for use in my furniture production or remnants from furniture production that are too beautiful to just throw away or burn. They've been given a second (or even third) life in the process! I take the time to finish, photograph and list each individual & unique piece. The exact piece you are viewing is the exact piece you will receive!

Enjoy using this all-natural Big Leaf Maple Burl serving board to serve cheeses, condiments, meats, pastries, breads, fruit, sushi, etc, or use as a trivet or plate. This piece has too many uses to list (especially for any foodie, chef or soiree). These are great to gift, but also nice to have around the house. They're all different, unique, organic and food safe! This piece has been flattened, sanded smooth and finished in a proprietary blend of oils and locally-sourced beeswax. Features a cool shape, lots of beautiful grains and has live edges along one side. Non-footed allowing usage of either side and one side is branded with the Kentucky LiveEdge logo. Measures 14" L x 8" W and is 1 7/8" thick. Though not the largest serving board, it's the most fantastic figured wood in the shop at the moment. A true eye-catcher! Care instructions will be sent with purchase. Please contact me with any questions or concerns. Thanks!

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