Gray Walking Stick Made from Reclaimed 100 Year Old Kentucky Tobacco Stick- Hiking Stick- Outdoors- Hiking Accessory- Curvy- Organic Shape


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Get out and EXPLORE with this handmade hiking stick/ walking stick made from a 100+ year old reclaimed Kentucky tobacco stick! This stick was hand-split from a log over a century ago and used in agricultural production. It was capable of holding 4-5 green (wet) tobacco plants as they were hung to dry in the barn rafters. The stick is made from White Oak, which is known for its strength and durability. This piece was gently sanded, stained a classic gray color and finished in multiple coats of a urethane film finish to protect against moisture and scratches during your journey. This one measures around 48 1/4" x 1 1/2" x 7/8". It's not a true dimensional width, as the split stick has some portions that are rectangular, triangular and square. The curvatures and bends in shape were created as the axe splitting it from the log, just gave and took what it wished. The wood features: curvatures, bends, knots and a tapered end along the handle. It is lightweight, yet extremely strong! Follow the paths of your elders or cut a new trail with your own handmade walking stick enriched with agricultural history!

*No rubber feet or boots are included with our walking sticks. The nicks and dings you collect on the bottom of the stick tell the story of your journey. Make it a good one!

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