Large Charcuterie Board- Centerpiece- Serving Board- Live Edge Wood- Organic- Party- Wedding- Platter- Natural- Family- Friends- Table Decor

This is one LARGE live edge charcuterie board! It's made from a reclaimed slab of Ash and features black-line spalting, figuring and a wild organic shape with its natural edges intact. This would make a great serving board, platter, charcuterie board, centerpiece, table decor, etc for your home, wedding or party! It's been planed flat, sanded smooth and completed in a proprietary food safe finish. It is non-footed which allows either side to be used as the top and one side is branded with the Kentucky LiveEdge logo. We personally like to cut on one side of ours and use the other side to serve on, but you can decide what works best for you. It's a functional piece of reclaimed wood that's had a ton of love poured into it! Purchase it as a gift, or keep it for yourself to serve family and friends at your next get together! Measures approximately: 35 1/4" L x 11" W avg and is just over 1/2" thick.

*You will receive a FREE 4oz jar of our homemade 'smooth' butcher block cream and wood conditioner with the purchase of this piece!!!

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