Live Edge Coffee Table- Ambrosia Maple- Steel Legs- Trapezoidal- Industrial- Rustic- Modern- Natural Wood- Furniture- Home- Living Room

This is one cool coffee table! It's made from a block- shaped live edge slab of Ambrosia Maple. This was a remnant cut from a larger build, but its natural beauty kept it out of the burn pile/ landfill. The top is packed with chatoyance and figuring. The beige, cream and gold colors are laden with dark brown polygons created by the Ambrosia Beetle. No fear, the wood has been kiln dried for stability and to kill off any larvae/insects. It has been planed flat, sanded smooth and finished in a proprietary satin sheen poly. The finish is durable enough to withstand daily usage, scratches, heat and moisture (from drinks). The top rests on dual trapezoidal shaped steel legs. The legs have a slight patina to them, but have been clear coated for protection. Each leg features plastic pegs on the underside which allow you to adjust the height for stability on even the wonkiest of floors. This is a naturally gorgeous piece of furniture that would fit into any interior space. It's a taste of nature twisted with industrial, contemporary, organic and modern flavor. This handmade coffee table is ready to ship! Measures approximately 27" l x 27" W and can adjust between 15 1/2" to 16" H. The table top itself tapers from 1 1/2" to 2" thick.

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