Live Edge Coffee Table- Live Edge Bench- Natural Edges- Honey Locust- Industrial- Modern- Rustic- Furniture- Home- Natural Wood- Steel

This is a super interesting piece of furniture! It can be used as a coffee table or bench. The top is an urban-reclaimed slab of Honey Locust. It's rare to see slabs of this species (especially of this size). It's an incredibly hard & dense wood species, usually processed for fence posts for it's resistance to rot, decay and insects. This gorgeous coffee table/ bench features a cool tapered shape, vivid bronze, copper, tan and cream colors and wood grains that are pronounced like a contour map. It's a crotch-cut slab of wood, so you can see dual growth rings at the wider end, separated by a blast of creamy sapwood. It's just an all around neat piece. The top has been kiln-dried, planed flat, sanded smooth and finished in a proprietary satin film finish. The finish is durable enough to withstand moisture from your drinks, heat from your plates and the average abuse a piece of living room furniture may encounter. The top rests on dual custom fabricated steel bases. The steel bases are composed of 2" x 2" raw steel, created in a trapezoidal design (taper) and have been clear coated to preserve their industrial raw steel finish. They're both different widths to maximize support for the top. It's a stout piece of furniture and provides the perfect mix of nature, reclaimed wood, industrial, rustic and modern flavor. No matter your taste or interior design, this beauty will meld with any space, yet may also be the focal point of your room. It's a stunner!  Measures approximately 41 1/2" l x 20" avg W x 18"H. The top itself is a solid 1 3/4" thick. Ready to ship!

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