Pink Coffee Table- Live Edge Coffee Table- Round Coffee Table- Claro Walnut Burl- Tree Slice- Artistic- Cool Furniture- Steel Legs- Splatter

This round coffee table has been created from a tree slice (crosscut live edge slab) of Claro Walnut Burl. This piece has live edges along every side and has been artistically splattered with a pink water-based stain. Emerging from the pink stain, you'll find the rich chocolate browns, dark browns and golds of the natural wood slab. The center of the table top also has three bowties (aka Dutch keys, wooden inlays), 2 are Black Walnut & 1 out of Maple. These hand-carved inlays were placed along a drying check (natural crack from the drying process) to inhibit further checking. The drying check was also filled in with a pink resin, prior to the application of bowties and pink splattering. The table top has been sanded smooth and finished in multiple coats of a satin sheen poly. This film finish will protect the wood from moisture, scratches and daily use. The top rests on three folded steel tapered legs that have been painted in a vibrant pink color. The legs are stout and strong with clean lines and feature disc feet on the bottom of each leg. This is a really cool piece of furniture that can not be re-created. It's a great mix of natural wood, bright colors, industrial, contemporary and rustic design. Feel free to contact me with any questions, or to request additional photographs. Thank you!

Measures: Max 31" x 26.5" x 16.75" H. The slab wooden top is around 2.75" thick.

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