Reclaimed Kentucky Tobacco Stick Bottle Opener- Barware- Pocket Bottle Opener- Oak- Natural- Weathered Gray- Charred- Handmade- Gift- Beer

As a youth growing up in The Bluegrass State, tobacco was the #1 (legal) cash crop. Nearly any open field (outside or within city limits) was used for growing the tobacco plant. Rows and rows of rich green leaf in the early and mid Summer months turned to golden brown and yellow fields come late Summer at time of harvest. From any road you were traveling on, one could look left or right and see nothing but the mentioned rich green or golden brown hues for as far as their eyes could adjust.  Although medical and public opinion on the plant and its uses are predominately negative, I've witnessed firsthand hundreds of neighbors and friends whom made a living and supported their families in dealing with this labor intensive plant. It was hard work with revolving prices and in general, a bittersweet occupation. Fast forward to the current times. Tobacco is no longer a common sight in Kentucky. Many previous tobacco farmers have entered into new ventures; industrial hemp, free range poultry, grass fed beef, sod farms, horse pastures, etc.

Personal experience and regional culture aside, for the past several years, I'd seen stacks of old tobacco sticks in my friends barn. These sticks (predominately White Oak- some are elm) were used to hang the plants in barns to dry the leaves once harvested. These tobacco sticks were covered in barn dust and hadn't had a good job for the last 30 years or so, but their individual character and echoes of our past intrigued me to work with them. The results are what you see!

These reclaimed Kentucky tobacco stick bottle openers are ready to work! They've been thoroughly cleaned, planed flat, sanded and finished in a proprietary poly finish. They feature a durable black cordage to hang on a hook or your belt and can also slide onto your wrist if you're that thirsty. They are all unique, but measure approximately 6 1/2" l x 1 1/8" w x 1/2" thick. Would be great as a gift for yourself or others. They are just as eager to open a bottle of Ale-8- One (soda) as they are a cold one! No beverage discrimination here.

Select options from drop-down menu: Natural, Weathered Gray, Charred (Black). Pick a good one for yourself and a better one for a friend! For orders of 20 or more, feel free to contact us!

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