Modern Coffee Table- Live Edge- Tree Stump- Round Coffee Table- X Style Steel Legs- Tree Slice- Rustic- Interior Design- Living Room- Home

This  round and modern coffee table is made from a single live edge slab of Maple. The cross-cut slab (tree slice/stump/tree slice) was cut in half to display the gorgeous ribbon banding found on the inside. Streaks of gold, gray, black and brown figuring sparkle throughout the middle of the coffee table where cut. The natural wood slab was treated with an old fashioned ebonization technique which weathers the wood and causes a natural reaction with the wood tannins. This process resulted in a once light tan slab of wood to transform into a gray, black, and warm brown color. The split tabletop is held in place by dual wooden slats that have also been ebonized and are a gray/black color. I intentionally did not remove all of the mill marks (horizontal lines running along the surface from sawmill cut) from this piece. Instead, I left remnants of the mill marks on the surface to tie into the vertical lines found within the interior section, as well as play off the slats. These historical remnants provide an added texture to the surface. It's a visually interesting piece that has an organic and bold patina. The tabletop has been flattened, sanded smooth and finished in numerous rounds of a satin poly. There are a few minor drying checks, but nothing substantial on this kiln-dried tabletop. The top is fitted to dual X-Style steel bases that have been sprayed in a flat black poly for protection. There are also felt pads on the bottom of the legs to protect your floors. This coffee table is modern, rustic, industrial, contemporary and transitional. It should fit into any interior design, living room, office space or home. Ready to ship! Measures approximately 31 5/8" x 30" x 18 3/4". The slab top is a stout 2 3/4" thick. Please feel free to send any questions or concerns you may have. Thanks!

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